Saturday, September 12, 2009

d beginning.....

1 st of all...this is d intro dat i thought might b d bored part...i'm creating dis blog juz 2 have a space where i can jot down anything which i feel need to be written down as i tot it is difficult to save all d thing in my mind which is already full with al d unwanted stupid u al noe, life is not always be at d same side of us...sumtimes we blame life for being cruel to us..but yet, i realize wut had happen to me do give me a very precious experience and do teach me alot although sumtimes i feel i never learn from all d mistakes...actually life is all about happy, cry, rebel, unsatisfied, blaming, excuses, glamorous, being d best, a loser, breaking d rules, hurting sum 1, do feel guilty, pity, and so many thing to be listed...but as d time past, we will keep remember all we had done and we will keep asking...y we do dat and sumtimes it comes with a regret....actually, ape yg nak di share kat is always like that.......kite salu x puas ati and slalu membandingkan kehidupan kite ngn org lain...kite ase life org lain slalu lebih indah dari kita.....tak dinafikan, i do feel d same way....but, adekah dgn berfikir cmtu kita ase kite akn happy??..when we keep hoping and demanding for a greater life, we actually lack of d sense of being grateful....kite x pena ase nak bersyukur...kalo d pikir2... d things will keep continuous and it will never end...appreciate our life.....appreciate what we have..appreciate what we feel...appreciate all those things....then we will feel d same time...we do work for a better and greater life...sorry kalo ape yang di tulis ni mcm terabur...but..this thing crossing my mind....sorry for any grammatically error....salam


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